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Have you ever read one of the Where’s Waldo books? Each page is a drawing of an enormous number of people, one of them being the young man Waldo. The challenge is to find Waldo among all the busy crowds around him. I think Waldo can help us to understand the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions of our day. Often we hear things like this said: "What about all the other religions? They all seem about the same to me. How can you say that Christianity is the only true religion? Don’t they all say that?" I think the Where’s Waldo books can help us see why. Think about this: What makes it such a challenge to find Waldo in each of those pictures? The creator of that series of children’s books has adopted a strategy similar to the one Satan uses (not to criticize the author in any way). Alongside Waldo he draws thousands of similar figures that are about the same size and appearance as Waldo himself. In that way, he makes it very hard to locate Waldo himself. Hence the title, Where’s Waldo? But Waldo CAN be found. Though there are many others around him, he has a distinctive look so that even a little child can find Waldo if he is willing to work at it, and once you’ve found him you know that it is actually him. In the same way Satan has produced many counterfeit religions which, on a superficial level, look a lot like the true religion. It is a clever strategy of making it difficult to find the real thing. But it is absurd to conclude that the presence of counterfeits negates the genuineness of the reality. Many religions are said to have overlapping teachings with Christianity. To some degree that is true. But they overlap because they have borrowed from the true religion. "Experts" love to claim that Judaism and Christianity got their ideas from other religions. For instance, sacrifices are a common theme among religions. So, they say, the notion of sacrifices must have come from paganism.. But pagans didn’t invent the idea of sacrifices. No one invented it. God gave it to Adam and Eve in order to foreshadow the Great Sacrifice: Christ Himself. (There is no mention of sacrifices by Adam and Eve but we find their sons Cain and Abel doing Adam and Eve are right there.) Subsequent generations merely carried that idea along and incorporated their own imaginations into it as they went. There are similarities between all religions because all false religions were crafted by the devil to look like the true religion. All religions are distortions/corruptions of the original religion which was taught to our first parents by God Himself and then passed down from them to their children and became distorted along the way. (You remember that it was already growing distorted by the actions of Cain.) This kind of argument is like arguing that Waldo was made to look like all the other characters around him. Clearly THEY were made to look like HIM. That was the intent and the game of the author. The fact that there are similarities between Christianity and other religions does nothing to show that they are the same or that all religions are false any more than the fact that there are similarities between Waldo and the other characters in his books proves that there is no Waldo. It can add to the excuses of a person who doesn’t want to find the Truth, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find the one true religion any more than it does to find Waldo.