Join us in person Sunday School (9:30am) and Worship Service (10:30am). You can view old livestreams HERE.

Our Worship Service

Because God is so great, the worship of Him must also be great. The Psalmist says "Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised!" (Psalm 48:1) A church makes a statement about what they think about God by how they worship. A church can make light of God by the way they worship, or a church can reflect how awesome and wonderful God is by the way they worship. We want our worship service to be a holy celebration of our sensational God.

We want to be a church that is both serious about God and happy about God. As it says in Psalm 2:11b, "Rejoice with trembling!" We realize that we are not the right church for everyone. But we long to be a church that nourishes those who are looking for ultimate reality, who are searching for the true God of the Bible, who are looking for His work to be done in their souls even if it means a disruption of their ease. God is in the business of rearranging lives, and we don’t want to resist His work, holding Him off at a distance. We want to cry out to God to shake us and wake us and have His way with us.

All this means that we pray a lot in our services, and we sing His praise a lot and we dwell on His Word a lot. We kneel and we stand and we lift up our hands and we sing our hearts out. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper every week. And we take the Bible seriously and study it together. We don’t break the flow of our worship for announcements. We don’t aim at entertainment but at worshiping God in the beauty of His holiness. He is the spectator, we are the performers.

In a world of trouble and temptation, God’s people need to come often to a place where they can be refreshed in His love and sovereign goodness. In a world of deception, God’s people need to come often to a place where they can be refreshed in the truth of His word. These are the goals of our worship service.

Here is the general outline of our Sunday morning worship service:



Opening Prayer

Responsive Scripture Reading


Creedal Reading


Praise Songs

Intercessory Prayer

Sermon/Children's Sermon

Lord’s Supper


Praise Songs


The worship service is followed by announcements.