Join for our live streamed Sunday School (9:30am) and Worship Service (10:30am). You can view them HERE.

Sunday School begins at 9:30 am, and runs until 10:15.


The purpose of children’s Sunday School is to instill in our children a foundation of Biblical knowledge and to inspire in them a personal knowledge of the magnificent love of God revealed in Christ, to the end that the word of Christ dwells in them richly. All teaching is to be focused on the Scriptures and consistent with this purpose statement and our doctrinal standards.

Our Children's Sunday School classes are organized by the following age groups:

All children are identified by the age they will be as of September 1st. 


There is also Sunday School for adults during this time, where we learn about the Bible and the Christian faith. There will be three classes to choose from beginning January 2, 2021:


1) Bible Basics - Acts of the Apostles (downstairs)

Taught by Jordan Morgan 

The Bible Basics class will be continuing the story of the New Testament with the events that happened after the ascension of Jesus. For 12 weeks, we'll explore the Book of Acts and learn about how the Holy Spirit empowered and emboldened the apostles to perform miracles, make new disciples of Christ, suffer persecution, and rapidly spread the gospel and early church throughout the region and gentile world. This class is perfect for people who have never heard this story as well as those who want to hear it again! 


2) Christian Marriage (sanctuary)

Taught by Pastor Lash

I’ve been doing premarital counseling since the first wedding I conducted in 1988, but over the years I’ve had a growing sense that couples need more. They also need POST-marital counseling. And so a few years ago I began to prepare material for couples in the years after the wedding.

I am so excited that finally I will have a chance to present this material in the context of an adult Sunday school class in January, February, and March. I am also excited that Mary Ann will be joining us. (We sure have learned a lot over the 50 years we’ve been together!) Each class will be made up of one part teaching and one part discussion.


3) Church History 1600-1800 (downstairs)

Taught by Larry Poe and Tom Hines

We will be watching a twelve week video series taught by Robert Godfrey - a Ligonier Ministries teaching fellow and President emeritus at Westminster Seminary California. This series will cover church history during the period:  1600 - 1800.  It will be looking at the church during the time of the Puritans, the Enlightenment, and the Great Awakening.  Godfrey will touch on many during that time period, such as, Richard Sibbes, John Bunyan, John Owen, John & Charles Wesley, George Whitfield, and Jonathan Edwards. We will be meeting in a classroom downstairs and watching the videos on a TV.