Join for our live streamed Sunday School (9:30am) and Worship Service (10:30am). You can view the service HERE.

Sunday School begins at 9:30 am, and runs until 10:15.


The purpose of children’s Sunday School is to instill in our children a foundation of Biblical knowledge and to inspire in them a personal knowledge of the magnificent love of God revealed in Christ, to the end that the word of Christ dwells in them richly. All teaching is to be focused on the Scriptures and consistent with this purpose statement and our doctrinal standards.

Our Children's Sunday School classes are organized by the following age groups:

All children are identified by the age they will be as of September 1st. 


There is also Sunday School for adults during this time, where we learn about the Bible and the Christian faith. There will be two classes to choose from beginning September 5, 2021:


1) BIBLE BASICS 101 (downstairs)

Taught by Jordan Morgan 

Curious about God and the Bible? Join us for our Bible Basics 101 class! Open to everyone and designed for those curious about Christianity or new to church.


Taught by Pastor Lash

Everyone outside the church is talking about sexual issues—gender identity, same-sex attraction, same-sex marriage—the world’s perspective on these issues has certainly changed over the last decade. So how do you answer questions about God’s design for sexuality for church members and their families? Is your church equipping your people to understand a biblical perspective on sexuality and form a gospel-based response to questions from both inside and outside the church?

Harvest USA, an organization that has been thinking biblically and redemptively about these issues for decades, has a fifteen-part video series that will help you wisely, kindly, and truthfully help you understand God’s biblical design for sexuality and give direction on how to speak the truth in love to the world around us. We’ll be watching one each week and then having discussion led by Pastor Jack.

- Why do we need to talk about sex?

- Why do we struggle with our sexuality?

- Is the Bible's teaching on sexuality still relevant today?

- What does the Bible really say about homosexuality?

- Can you change if you are gay?

- How can a single person live out God’s design for their sexuality?

- Understanding gender and transgender issues

- Pornography

- How to help the sexual struggler

- Key steps for raising sexually healthy kids

- Keeping your kids safe in an Internet world