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"My family and I spent five wonderful years with our GPC family until we recently moved out of state. One of the things we most appreciated about GPC was the openness and honesty we found there. It starts with Pastor Jack, and runs right through the congregation. The church's history is an open book, as are its people. This has created a great environment for the intimacy of sharing lives and trials. When I say church "family," I truly mean it in every sense of the word. I hope we can always stay in touch with our family in Gainesville -- they will always be in our thoughts and prayers." -- Chip, 56

Growing up at GPC has been full of weekly Sunday services with amazing worship (a given), the best youth group you could ask for, and theater programs full of your best friends. Also, the random stuff like dancing parties, always doing your hair and makeup in the bathroom because you didn't have enough time at home, drying your clothes with a hair dryer because they were still damp, brushing your teeth, sleeping in the rows, constant singing, having all your homeschool classes in the basement, eating some of the best food, laughter, tears, hard work, and life-long friendships. It will always be my second home!  -- Sarah, 15