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LIFE Policies


What’s LIFE all about?

It is LIFE’s goal to assist parents in the education of their children. We provide classes one or two days a week with lectures, discussions, presentations, and labs. The other days of the week students work at home with parental help and management of their course work. Most classes are geared toward the junior and senior high school levels, but we do classes for the elementary grades as well. Tests are administered and grades are given by the teachers for all core classes. The school year begins September 7th and ends May 17th.


PAYMENTS AND REGISTRATION: Every family must register with LIFE and pay the annual $55 class registration fee. This fee pays for the building use, administration and hall monitoring fees for the classes. Membership to the support group is included.

In addition to the LIFE registration fee, each teacher sets their own tuition rates and collects payments. Teachers may collect half the tuition 1st semester and the other half 2nd semester with deposits and/or materials fees. Please read the class information carefully before you register. Also, please be on time with your payments or contact the teacher if there is a problem. Each teacher will have their own refund policy as well.

CLASS SESSIONS: All classes are year-long, 2 semester classes unless otherwise noted in the class descriptions.

REGULAR CLASS DAYS: All students must be in the classroom, accompanied by a parent or other adult, or in study hall. No student will be permitted to stay, unsupervised, inside or outside the church building for more than 15 minutes between classes. Includes ALL ages.

STUDY HALL is available on Wednesdays. The fee is $3 per student per hour.


1. Do not drop off, pick up, or park in front of the church.

2. Drive slowly and watch for children who may dart in between cars.

3. Drive to the side or back of the church, pull into a spot, and then drop off or wait for your child. You can always go into the church with your child and wait inside if you wish.

Please pass this information on to your teenaged drivers or anyone else who will be driving your children. There are often older siblings and grandparents dropping off or picking up, but they haven’t been told about the parking lot policies.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: We will announce class cancellations via email by 7:30 a.m. on the morning of classes.


Modesty is the overall principle. Since it is distracting and difficult to learn in an environment with immodest dress, we ask parents to help their children exercise good judgment in the area of modest dress.

Here are the specifics:

1- Shorts should be at least as long as the fingertips when arms are straight down.

2- Skirts and skorts should touch the knee. Even if you are wearing tights underneath, the hem must still touch the knee.

3- No spaghetti straps, shoulderless garments, mid-drifts or low-cut tops.

4- No clothing with offensive language.

5- Footwear is required at all times.

If a student’s clothing is deemed immodest by a teacher or administrator, the parents will be notified.