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New Rain Plan

October 28, 2020 | 0 comments

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In case of rain on a Sunday morning, here is our back-up plan for worship:

A- For Sunday Morning Service:
        1) We will move services indoors.  Masks will be required.
        2) For those unable to wear masks, the outside option, radio option, and live-stream option will continue to be available.
        3) We will celebrate the Lord’s supper inside, but it will also be available for any worshipers on the church property (indoors, outdoors, radio).

B- For Sunday School:
        1) Adult Sunday School will move into the sanctuary -- with masks.
        2) For those unable to wear a mask, the outdoors option, the radio option, and the live-strreaming option will be available.
        3) Children Sunday School will also be inside.  Teachers will take appropriate precautions based on who’s in attendance each week.